Adult Dental Care


Adult Dental Care

Our pediatric dental practice services both children and adults because our center of focus revolves around the entire family. We set ourselves apart by providing in-depth knowledge, special skills, and techniques to recognize dental problems and provide adult and kid-friendly treatment. With a variety of dental appliances suited for quickly evaluating alignment, communicating problems seen, and building a positive relationship for years to come.

At Skyline Smiles, Dr. Leena and her team are qualified to treat adults as a prerequisite for pediatric dentistry, meaning we can provide many of the popular services needed for full, comprehensive dental care, including:

Teeth Cleanings

Cleanings consist of a visible examination of the teeth and gums. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, you may also require x-rays for a more comprehensive view of your teeth. You’ll also consult with Dr. Leena about any oral health problems you may have been having or questions that you may have. The cleaning will follow, during which a dental hygienist will use special instruments to remove hardened plaque from your teeth. Finally, your teeth will be polished before Dr. Leena discusses any treatment recommendations she may have for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Leena can provide cosmetic procedures to repair broken, chipped teeth. Cosmetic procedures have a vital impact in the restoration of damaged teeth because it works both functionally and aesthetically, giving both children and adults the ability to restore their teeth’ integrity, improve their smile, and build confidence. Some of the procedures Dr. Leena can provide include:


As Dr. Leena pays close attention to any orthodontic problems during childhood, she and her team can provide orthodontic care for adults. At Skyline Smiles, we provide Invisalign, a clear aligner designed for people of all ages to treat minor issues with tooth alignments, such as gaps, crooked teeth, and open bites. As a popular treatment, our practice helps utilize Invisalign’s effects for both children and adults to create simple fixes and complex shifts in alignment for a healthier smile.


Dentures help restore the aesthetic and function of teeth and retain any adjacent teeth from misalignment to maintain better oral health. Dr. Leena not only provides dentures for children but can provide denture options for adults. From a full set to partials, Dr. Leena gives options to families in need of denture care and help replace missing teeth for a full restoration.


Bridges are a custom-made, durable dental restoration that replaces gaps and missing teeth by using the adjacent teeth as anchors. For children, they offer a fixed, permanent solution to mimic natural teeth. Dr. Leena provides bridges for adults and can help maintain jaw alignment and bring back a full smile.

TMJ Pain

At Skyline Smiles, we can prescribe both simple and more complex treatment forms to manage TMJ pain and help conserve the jawbone and surrounding muscles. TMJ can affect both children and adults. At our practice, we can prescribe non-steroid medication to relieve the soreness and inflammation, perform procedures such as bridges, and provide prosthetics such as mouthguards to alleviate the condition.

Skyline Smiles specializes in pediatric care and has been working with families for a life-long approach to dentistry. Our focus and dedication to detail give our practice the resolve to handle even the most complex cases. Dr. Leena has a compassionate approach to children and their families and gives comprehensive dental care through a personalized approach. Our practice welcomes you to Skyline Smiles; contact our office today to learn about our adult treatments, and schedule an appointment to receive quality dental care.

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