Personal Injury Procedures


Personal Injury Procedures

Skyline Smiles ensures the best possible dental care for our patients; in personal injury cases, we provide the appropriate treatment for any dental injuries that have occurred in an accident. Dr. Leena takes diligent care in providing treatment for her patients who have been injured as a result of a collision, attack, sports-related injury, or workplace injury. Skyline Smiles offers full personalized reports of the injuries sustained and the expected future costs of maintenance.

How Skyline Smiles Processes Personal Injury Cases

Whether caused by medical malpractice, defective products, or motor vehicle accidents, patient injuries are critical factors in determining the outcome of the personal injury case and how they’ll affect the patient’s health. At Skyline Smiles, we go through a rigorous process for assisting in these legal cases. When presented with a personal injury case, Dr. Leena and her team can facilitate it by:

Performing an initial evaluation

The first assessment will take the patient’s oral health and history into account, and evaluate the current damage present. Dr. Leena will observe the intensity and extent of the injuries. Once the initial evaluation is completed, Dr. Leena will devise a treatment plan for the final report.

Determining treatment and procedures

Once Dr. Leena has performed the evaluation, she will estimate the amount of time necessary for treatment, and what methods will be required to repair the damage done. Dr. Leena will evaluate and treat many of the common injuries in personal injury cases, and with diligent care, treat conditions such as:

Chipped or Fractured Teeth

Fractures in the tooth’s crown can be repaired by either replacing the broken piece with a restoration, using a dental filling, or reattaching the broken piece. If the pulp has become exposed, a root canal treatment may be necessary and require special attention. If the entire tooth is split, exposing the root and pulp, an extraction may be needed. For children’s teeth, they can be aesthetically restored and, depending on the teeth’ development, can help stimulate root growth.

Dislodged (Luxated) Teeth

Dislodged teeth can be re-positioned and stabilized, using a root canal treatment to clean out any infection in the root or pulp. Once healed, Dr. Leena will perform either a root canal filling or a crown at a later date and may place medication inside the tooth to help with healing. For children, the stem cells present in the child’s roots can be stimulated to heal the pulp from infection. Dr. Leena will monitor healing and perform a root canal treatment if necessary.

Knocked-out (Avulsed) Teeth

For knocked-out teeth, if the patient still has the existing tooth, then the tooth can be relodged back into place with bonding material and a stabilizing splint. Root canal treatments may be performed if necessary. If the tooth cannot be restored, other treatment options will be discussed. For knocked-out teeth in children, we do not recommend relodging the tooth back in place due to the risk of damaging the underlying permanent tooth inside the jawbone.

Root Fractures

The type of root fracture will determine the tooth’s long-term health and can be healed using stabilizing splints. Roots damage in children’s teeth can be recovered for the preparation of the permanent teeth.

We Work on Liens

Once treatment is complete, Dr. Leena will compose a full, clear report for you to return to your attorney. As part of the case, our practice will receive compensation once the case is settled, no matter the verdict, as part of our commitment to work on a lien. To learn more about Skyline Smiles, call us today at 661-244-4036 to ask any questions regarding our services, patient forms, and appointments.

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