Introducing the top all-tissue laser in the dental industry today! This incredible device provides a versatile treatment option that is anesthesia-free and perfect for soft tissue surgeries and cavity prep. All of this without the need for sutures and without causing bleeding. Patients and dentists alike love what this fantastic piece of dental technology brings to the table for their dental experience. The Solea laser system has made it possible for us to deliver a superior dental experience to our patients.

No Anesthesia Makes Treatment Quick and Easy

The design of the Solea laser makes it so that anesthesia isn’t necessary for the treatments it’s suitable for. Without the need to administer anesthetic and wait for it to set in, you can get right to work. Your patient won’t feel a thing, and their cavity prep will be done faster than ever. From cleaning out cavities for fillings to quickly managing soft tissue surgeries, everything about your experience is going to be pain-free and fast. This system makes it easier for our team to dedicate time to each patient individually, being with them from start to finish.

The Noise-Free Experience Eases Young Anxious Patients

Have you ever found your child cringing at the sound of a dental drill being used three chairs down? Do they dread having that same sound happening in their own mouth? We completely understand. The Solea laser is capable of doing most of the jobs that we traditionally have used a laser for, but it does it silently and completely pain-free. That’s good news for you, and good news for everyone else who gets the jitters anytime they hear a dental drill.

We Can Do More For You With The Solea Laser 

This system completely changes how we handle patient referrals. Many of the treatments we formally had to refer you out for can now be handled quickly and easily in-house. The Solea laser helps expand the range of services we offer, which means fewer referrals and hassle for you and more time with our patient family for us.

A Better Pediatric Experience

Another important aspect of the Solea laser system is the experience we can offer for our youngest patients. Before Solea, many of our patients would have to be numbed before we performed certain procedures. For younger patients, this often meant that their lip would become numb and remain that way for hours. This would often lead to accidental bites on the cheeks and lips, and multiple visits that can now be handled in a single stop. No more inconvenience, no more unpleasantness for your children, just easy and pain-free dentistry for your whole family.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Solea laser system and how it can improve your dental experience, give us a call at (661) 244-4036today! Our team will answer any questions you have and help you prepare for your next dental visit with Dr. Leena. Don’t let the fear of anesthesia, drill noise, or discomfort keep you away. Experience the new world of dentistry with the Solea laser system andSkyline Smiles!

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