Covid 19 Precautions

Covid 19 Precautions

Skyline Smiles COVID-19 Precautions

Beyond Best Practices

At Skyline Smiles, we use Solea laser for all soft and hard tissue procedures. We use Solea because it provides our customers with added comfort, provides an anesthetic alternative to surgery and reduced exposure to aerosol spray. Solea provides significant benefits for both hard and soft tissue procedures as compared to the traditional drill, especially in a post COVID-19 environment. The Solea all-tissue dental laser significantly reduces aerosols and splatter through less water flow and air pressure, kills viruses and bacteria wherever the beam comes in contact. Solea utilizes air pressure as low as 10 psi and water flow as low as 10 ml/min. This is ~74% less air pressure and ~67-83% less water flow when compared to drills. Based on these factors, the risk of aerosolization and splatter causing transmission of viruses, including COVID-19, is significantly lower with Solea than the traditional drill. Kids (and parents) hate the drill! That is why we love Solea.

Best Practices

At Skyline Smiles we will always follow best practices and go beyond the guidelines in providing protection and precautions from viral and bacterial infections for our patients and staff. Some of the best practice precautions we take include but not are limited to the following:

We will always furnish adequate PPE and sanitation supplies on site. All equipment and devices are routinely sanitized and sterilized following every single use. Whenever possible we use items which are disposable, single use items. Our waiting rooms, exam rooms, procedure rooms, countertops, chairs and trays are sterilized after every patient use.

Our physicians and staff are checked daily for symptoms of covid-19 and are tested weekly for Covid-19 infection. Our physicians and staff will always wear protective masks, gloves and coverings. Additionally, staff are required to follow all precautions outside of our facility including wearing a mask in public spaces, limiting exposure to crowds and practicing hand hygiene.

We pre-screen all patients for Covid -19 symptoms prior to their appointments via Telehealth to determine if patient has had exposure or has any potential symptoms related to Covid-19 within 48 hours of their appointment. If a patient has symptoms or has been exposed to Covid-19 we will cancel their appointment with no penalty and reschedule for a later date.

On site, patients are pre-screened before entering our facility, including temperature checks. Until further notice our waiting room will be limited to 2 patients at a time within 5 minutes of their appointment time. We will be checking patients in, outside by the front door and we will text or call you when it is time to come inside. You may wait in your car in our parking lot after you have checked in by the front door. We have ample parking and have multiple accessible parking spots near our front door.

All patients may be accompanied by only one parent or guardian. Patients and their guardians must wear masks at all times in our facility. There are no exceptions to this rule. We politely ask that if you cannot wear a mask that you designate another guardian to accompany your child.

As healthcare providers we take an oath to do no harm. It is our intention to always protect the health and safety of our clients, their families, our employees and our community. We appreciate our client’s patience and participation in following the most up to date guidelines and best practices for public health and safety.

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