Solea Laser Therapy

Solea Laser Therapy in Santa Clarita

A More Comfortable Dental Experience

Like many people, there are probably many elements of dentistry that make you uncomfortable. Certain procedures can be painful, but you may feel nervous about undergoing anesthesia. Maybe you don’t like the noise of drills and other dental instruments. Leaving the dentist with a bleeding mouth and/or sutures is another uncomfortable element of dentistry.

These elements can be especially concerning for younger patients. As a parent, you’ve probably wished there was a way for your child to get the dental treatment they need without the fear and anxiety they may experience at the dentist.

Solea laser therapy is a tool that eliminates some of the discomfort associated with traditional dentistry. Through this method, we are able to complete procedures in a way that your child will feel safe and comfortable.

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Procedures That Use Solea Laser Therapy

Solea laser therapy is a tool that can be used in many different procedures, and we incorporate it whenever possible here at Skyline Smiles.

Solea laser therapy can be utilized during dental procedures such as:

  • Soft tissue surgeries
  • Cavity prep

Benefits of Solea Laser Therapy

We utilize Solea laser therapy because of the range of benefits it offers to our patients. In everything we do, we are dedicated to your comfort and happiness.

There are many benefits of utilizing Solea laser therapy, such as:

  • Versatility: Solea laser therapy is an effective tool in many dental procedures.
  • Increased comfort: Solea laser therapy is not only pain free, it is noise-free as well! Our patients can now avoid that often-annoying sound of dental drilling, making for a more comfortable experience.
  • Anesthesia not required: Without the need for patients to undergo anesthesia, Solea laser therapy is a safe option that offers peace of mind to wary patients.
  • More services available in-house: Previously, we may have needed to refer you to another dentist to perform the services we can now provide with Solea laser therapy.
  • Blood- and suture-free: With Solea laser therapy, soft tissue procedures can be completed easily.

Why Solea Laser Therapy is Great for Young Patients

Although the benefits of Solea laser therapy are available to people of any age, it is a popular choice for pediatric dentistry. The thought of going to the dentist is scary for many children, and the experience itself can be frightening in many instances. Solea laser therapy offers a way to perform important dental procedures on kids without some of the elements that children may find uncomfortable.

The absence of a need for anesthesia is a major plus for many of our young patients. Many children to not like the sensation of going under anesthesia, and kids that are very young may be frightened by this process that they do not understand. The anesthesia-free administration of Solea laser therapy lifts the anxiety that kids can experience.

The quiet operation of Solea laser therapy is another benefit to pediatric dental patients. Many children are afraid of the drilling sound of dental instruments, and the sound of dentistry tools can add to the discomfort of procedures that children are already frightened of to begin with. Without noise, Solea laser therapy offers another comforting element to young kids who need dental treatment.

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If your child needs a dental procedure and you are interested in Solea laser therapy, feel free to contact us to ask any questions you may have. We can offer insight into whether it can be incorporated into a procedure you have planned or suggest alternative options.

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